Our Start

TelcoAlert was founded in 2008 with the idea of providing a robust internet-based monitoring solution for fax machines. At that time, no other competing service existed. As pioneers in the industry, we had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients within government, healthcare/medical, insurance verticals, and more.

As business technology needs evolved, so did we. In late 2012, we expanded into offering IVR monitoring and stress testing services. We set out to provide a full-service monitoring company that delivers call center agent monitoring, IVR monitoring, and IVR load testing services that were easy to use and not hidden behind walls of sales teams. We believe that customers should be able to test our services with no upfront cost and be able to use those services immediately.

What We Do

At TelcoAlert, we are a cloud-based monitoring solution that currently performs over 1 million monitoring checks each month. We make test calls at particular intervals to a customer’s telephone system and then validate that the telephone system is accessible and the IVR is answering calls. Lastly, we ensure that the system is playing the appropriate IVR messaging.

If we notice any of these criteria failing, we alert the customer about the system malfunction and why it’s occurring. In addition to IVR monitoring, IVR load testing, and fax monitoring, we also offer additional services including call center agent monitoring, IVR mapping, and telecom auditing.

Our Mission

TelcoAlert is the only telecom monitoring company that will offer a free 14-day trial of services and instant line activations. We’ll help you get the service you need all without talking to a sales agent. We are upfront about what we offer and what we provide, and we won’t hide our services behind sales representatives.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility and our responsive support team who is quick to address customer inquiries. We welcome customers from all business sectors and customize solutions based on their needs. And, we are more than happy to implement new features based on specific requirements.

At TelcoAlert, we are committed to providing affordable automated testing and monitoring services that are enterprise-ready and easy to use. We can guarantee that our pricing is at or below the market cost.

Our dedication to proactivity, responsiveness, uptime, and affordability make TelcoAlert your down-to-earth partner for all your monitoring needs.

If your business needs automated testing and monitoring services that are enterprise-ready and user friendly, get in touch with TelcoAlert today.

    TelcoAlert is your down-to-earth partner for downtime-free communication.