Call Center Agent Monitoring

At TelcoAlert, our call center agent monitoring services help you gain peace of mind knowing that both your agent queues and IVR systems are working as they should. With our services, you’ll be able to monitor customer queue hold times as well as ensure that individual agents are actively answering incoming calls.

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What Is Agent Monitoring?

Call center agent monitoring is a simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-use service that is responsible for monitoring both call center and IVR systems. This service is able to validate your customer-facing IVR functionality and communicate with your live agents in real-time. TelcoAlert generates calls remotely and is able to access your system through the public telephone network, meaning that it provides real-world traffic from your customer’s point of view.

Because agent monitoring is a hosted service, the purchase of any software or hardware is unnecessary and there is no need to add additional equipment to your infrastructure. Our call center agent monitoring service is unique in that it doesn’t simply make automated system checks; it’s able to interact with call agents and mimic customer call traffic as well.

If there is an issue and the requirements are not met, TelcoAlert will notify you immediately.

Benefits of Monitoring Solutions

Whether your company is large or small, has thousands of agents or only a few, call center agent monitoring is designed to benefit companies of all sizes. Monitor your call lengths and hold times, and ensure each call is not only being answered but routed to the appropriate place.

Additional benefits include:

  • Monitor system hang-ups or dropped calls
  • Ensure each customer call reaches a live agent, not a voicemail box
  • Monitor how long customers are on hold
  • Validate that customers receive the right menu tree and IVR greeting
  • Certify that IVR and call center systems are answering incoming calls

Ready to Explore Call Center Agent Monitoring?

At TelcoAlert, we customize our monitoring setup for each client, ensuring that our system meets your unique needs. If you’re ready to start monitoring with us or you’d like more information about this service, contact TelcoAlert today. We’d be glad to help.

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