IVR Load Testing

With TelcoAlert’s IVR load testing service, you’ll be able to simulate peak traffic to either your IVR system or call center, so you can stay confident your system runs as needed. Our solution also lets you validate line capacity and prevent outages.

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What Is IVR Load Testing and How Does It Work?

Our IVR load testing service uses proven technology created for TelcoAlert’s 24/7 monitoring infrastructure to go beyond passive monitoring checks. Instead, our solution was designed to test a phone system to its limits with either a typical call volume or up to its breaking point. This then allows you to identify, fix, or even prevent production outages from occurring during peak business hours.

Our load testing solution works by simulating the behavior of your customers on a peak business day. Our engineers build customized, pre-defined scripts that dial up to 10,000 simultaneous calls that:

  • Connect to your IVR
  • Navigate through your phone tree
  • Authenticate with credentials
  • Check account balances
  • Stay on hold for as long as necessary

The IVR load test is defined entirely by you. This includes choosing the test time, the frequency of calls launched, the nature of each call, and how long they remain connected. A TelcoAlert load test engineer is on hand throughout the test to provide you with real-time feedback on the status of the calls, and – if necessary – will stop and restart tests if an error is encountered. We also provide you with detailed reporting, including audio recordings of every call, so you can identify what went wrong if anything fails during the test.

At TelcoAlert, our IVR load testing solution is simple to use and cost-effective. And because calls are generated remotely and we access your system through the public telephone network, they provide real-world traffic from your customer’s point of view. As this service is hosted, there’s also no need to add additional equipment to your infrastructure.

Benefits of a Load Testing Solution

Whether your business is big or small, you can benefit from load testing in a variety of ways. Some common reasons to conduct an IVR load test include:

  • Ensuring current equipment is operating at expected capacity
  • Validating line capacity of newly turned-up circuits
  • Testing IVR capacity at peak traffic times
  • Validating IVR or site failover
  • Measuring call quality during high loads
  • Analyzing IVR menu tree navigation functionality
  • Identifying dropped calls or system hangups
  • Determining whether IVR-related backend web calls are functioning correctly

Once you’re done with your test, you’ll be able to identify bottlenecks in your current infrastructure as well as provide quantifiable data for capacity and budget planning. Additional benefits to TelcoAlert’s load testing solution include:

  • Validation that your IVR and call center can handle peak traffic days
  • Full navigation of your IVR tree and assurance that validation prompts are working correctly
  • Call recording and speech-to-text analysis of every call
  • Verification that all circuits, trunks, routers, and servers function properly when your system is at maximum load
  • Post validation after infrastructure changes, telephony upgrades, and data center moves
  • Identifying unknown issues through stress testing before they are discovered by your customers

Pricing Details

Our IVR load testing solution comes with the most competitive pricing in the industry. There is no setup fee, hardware or upfront costs, and no required contracts. Our team of experts offers free technical support to help you make the most of our IVR load testing solution. Whether you choose standard testing or premier testing, we’ll customize pricing according to your business’s particular needs.

Try Our Customized Pricing Calculator

Our IVR load testing services can help you determine your system capacity so you won’t suffer an outage during peak business times. At TelcoAlert, our load testing team will work with you to deliver a customized test strategy using the parameters you supply.

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