Phone and Telecom Auditing

Whether you’re a mid-sized or large business, it’s likely you own thousands of direct inward dialing (DID) numbers. TelcoAlert’s telecom auditing service helps you keep track of all your lines, ensuring that you’re not paying for unnecessary or unused lines and circuits.

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We perform automated and efficient audits of all your lines and provide you with a custom audio and report dashboard so you can review our findings. There you’ll be able to read the translated text (via speech-to-text) as well as listen to recordings from each call.

What Is Telecom Auditing?

Telecom auditing services are used to call, catalog, and record a list of phone numbers for later review. Phone numbers are supplied by each business, audited, and used to help clear out unused numbers as well as validate employee extensions. We then provide you with a detailed report. Our audits start at just $0.30 per line, making the return on investment immediate.

How Does It Work?

It doesn’t matter how many lines you wish to audit, TelcoAlert will dial each line, validate if it answers, and determine which device answered – whether it was IVR, human, or a fax machine. We then record the entire call and translate the content via speech-to-text. Once we’ve concluded the audit, we supply you with our findings.

Benefits of Telecom Auditing

At TelcoAlert, there is no need for a contract and no obligation to start using our service. Instead, you just provide us with proof of ownership for the phone numbers you wish to audit. Once you’ve supplied us with the numbers, we can start testing them in as little as five minutes. Simply schedule the time of day you wish to start your audit, and we can run them multiple times.

Additional benefits of telecom auditing include:

  • Catalog devices by type (FAX, IVR/voicemail, disconnected, etc.)
  • Audio recordings of the call for each device
  • Speech-to-text translation of every recording
  • Improve security by knowing what devices are connected to your network
  • Save money by discovering and eliminating unneeded numbers
  • Get a better understanding of what devices are connected to your network

Interested in Telecom Auditing?

If you’re ready to clean out unused numbers that you’re paying for unnecessarily and start saving, contact TelcoAlert. Our team will be happy to assist you and address any questions or concerns you may have. Get in touch with us to get started.

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