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If you’re manually creating documentation for your IVR systems, start saving time with TelcoAlert’s IVR mapper service. This solution will automatically generate an interactive, visual mapping of your IVR trees in a fraction of the time.

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What Is an IVR Mapper?

An IVR mapper is a hosted/cloud service that is used to map out your IVR and call center systems. This will then produce interactive web documentation of your IVR trees and call flows. Using dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) and built on the foundation of our enterprise IVR monitoring, TelcoAlert’s IVR mapper will navigate your IVR system and:

  • Follow available call paths
  • Record each IVR menu
  • Transcribe speech to text

Our calls are generated remotely and access your system via the public telephone network, meaning that the purchase of additional equipment such as hardware or software to add to your infrastructure is unnecessary.

How Does It Work?

Our IVR mapper service starts by using an available, public telephone number to dial into your system. It then proceeds to record menu prompts, analyze each menu, and determine available navigation options based on messaging. An IVR mapper will also make consecutive calls to advance through each new IVR level and other options.

New IVR prompts are recorded and then transcribed from audio to text as part of the documentation map.

Benefits of an IVR Mapper Solution

TelcoAlert’s IVR mapper solution offers full support of DTMF navigation. Once mapping is completed, it gives you access to review the IVR tree and navigation, as well as text transcripts, and lets you click on each IVR node for audio playback and metadata via an interactive web portal. Additionally, we provide you with a PDF copy of all your recorded audio files and IVR flow.

The benefits of an IVR mapper solution include:

  • “Hands off” automated IVR discovery and mapping
  • Interactive web or printable PDF documentation
  • Platform that supports all major IVR systems
  • Simple and easy-to-use solution
  • No hidden fees – pricing based on the size of IVR
  • Faster mapping with single-threaded or multiple calls at once
  • Periodic “delta” testing to identify any changes

Need an IVR Mapper for Your Business?

At TelcoAlert, we keep things simple. There’s no need for a complicated setup or IVR model creation. If you’re ready to implement an IVR mapper for your business, simply give us your number and preferred testing schedule, and we’ll map your IVR. Contact TelcoAlert to get started or learn more about IVR mapping. We’re here to help.

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