Optimize Your IVR with Call Center Load Testing

If you’re constantly dealing with high-call volumes or experience downtime during peak business hours, call center load testing can help. At TelcoAlert, our IVR load testing solution will go beyond passive monitoring checks and conduct tests that identify and fix issues with your phone system.

TelcoAlert Can Help You Prevent Production Outages

    Partner with TelcoAlert for a Load Testing Solution

    If you’re looking for a solution to help you prevent production outages from occurring, especially during peak business hours, TelcoAlert can help you get one step ahead with call center load testing. Partnering with TelcoAlert means you’ll have access to a customizable solution that ensures your IVR is working as expected.

    With call center load testing, our engineers work with you to test your phone system’s limits by simulating customer behavior during peak hours. This allows us to help you identify and fix issues so that you’re prepared for extra volume, with minimal impact on customer experience. In fact, our pre-defined scripts can dial up to 10,000 simultaneous calls that in order to:

    Navigate the phone tree

    Connect to IVR

    Authenticate with credentials

    Check account balances

    and more!

    Our engineers are always on hand to assist you throughout the IVR tests and will provide you with valuable real-time feedback. Our call center load testing solutions can benefit customers with:

    IVR validation

    Call recording

    Speech-to-text analysis

    Dropped calls/system hangup identification

    Call quality measurement

    and more!

    If you’re ready to integrate call center load testing solutions into your business and maintain consistent IVR performance, look no further than TelcoAlert. Our detailed reporting helps you keep track of all system failures and improve your IVR system for better customer service.