Choose TelcoAlert for Call Center Monitoring

If your IVR systems are constantly failing you with system hangups, degraded speech quality, or large delays, call center monitoring can help. With this solution, businesses can rest assured knowing their IVR and call centers are being monitored consistently and that issues are detected before they occur.

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    Features and Benefits of Call Center Monitoring

    At TelcoAlert, our call center monitoring solution is cost-effective and easy to use. We’ll work with you to offer the services that best fit your unique business needs. And because our solution is a hosted service, you won’t need to make costly hardware or software purchases.

    Our call center monitoring solution is designed to monitor your IVR and call center systems consistently. We’ll test out your IVR every 15, 30, or 60 minutes in order to detect issues before they occur. And if an issue is detected, our monitoring system will triple check your IVR to ensure you aren’t receiving false alerts.

    Call center monitoring works by making real phone calls to both your IVR systems and call centers in order to validate whether everything is working properly. Using DTMF navigation and speech-to-text technology, our solution can detect busy lines, telephone circuits that are down, failure to route calls, incorrect IVR messaging, and more.

    Benefits of TelcoAlert’s call center monitoring solution include:

    Advanced speech-to-text technology

    On-demand and monthly automated reporting

    Centralized web portal to add, delete, or manage numbers

    Triple checks on errors in order to prevent false alerts

    Additionally, if you’re interested in adding a new line, TelcoAlert offers a 14-day free trial of our monitoring service. This trial requires no upfront payment and allows you to add up to three lines.