Keep Track of All Your Lines With Phone Line Auditing

If you own thousands of direct inward dialing (DID) numbers and find yourself paying for unnecessary circuits or unused lines, consider phone line auditing with TelcoAlert. We perform automated audits to help businesses keep track of all their lines and ensure they’re not overspending.

Discover What Phone Line Auditing Can Do for Your Business

    How Does It Work?

    If you’re looking to make an immediate return on investment by clearing out unused lines, TelcoAlert can make that possible with phone line auditing – a solution that will improve security and generate more savings.

    Regardless of how many lines you wish to audit, we’ll call each one and validate which device answered, if any, and record the entire call, translating its content via speech-text. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report of our findings in a custom audio report dashboard where you’ll be able to read translated text and listen to recordings from each call.

    Whether you’re a mid-sized or large business, our telecom auditing services allow us to call, catalog, and record a list of numbers supplied by each business for later review. Once we have the numbers, just choose the time of day and we’ll start testing the numbers in as little as five minutes. And if needed, we’ll test them multiple times.

    Businesses also benefit from:

    Improved security by knowing which devices are connected to your network.

    More savings by uncovering unused lines and removing unneeded numbers.

    The ability to catalog devices by type such as IVR/voicemail, FAX, etc.

    Audio recordings of calls for each device

    Speech-to-text translation of each recording

    …and more!

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